10 Best Golden Age DC Legacy Villains

The Golden Age of DC Comics set the stage for superhero comics, introducing heroes that will encourage the style for many years. Golden Age legacy heroes grew to become an enormous a part of the DC multiverse. Nonetheless, one facet of DC’s Golden Age that is not as talked about is the villains. Many villains of this time even have their very own legacies, with subsequent generations taking over their mantles and persevering with their reigns of terror.

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Not each Golden Age legacy villain is well-known, however they’ve all made their impacts in varied methods. They’ve carved out their very own niches within the villainous ecosystem, exhibiting that heroes aren’t the one ones with legacies to uphold.

10/10 Rag Doll II Took Up His Father’s Mantle In Painful Methods

The primary Rag Doll was a contortionist who battled Jay Garrick’s Flash. He’d preserve bedeviling the heroes for many years, and ultimately had kids. His son wished to be like his father however did not inherit his triple-jointedness, so he had painful surgical procedure on his joints that will permit him to be much more versatile than his father.

Rag Doll II was a small-time villain for years, however was recruited into the Secret Six by Scandal Savage and Mockingbird. He fashioned a friendship with Parademon and stayed with the group for years, largely forsaking crime however nonetheless killing lots of people.

Lena Luthor is a personality that has been modified lots by the shifting tides of DC continuity. Debuting within the Silver Age, one factor concerning the character is all the time the identical: she’s associated to Lex. That is just about the one fixed. She was mainly created to be Supergirl’s Lex Luthor, with the pre-Disaster model of her having psychic powers.

Publish-Disaster Lena was Lex’s daughter, and he ultimately traded her to Brainiac 13 for know-how. She returned as a teen, however the character ultimately disappeared. Infinite Disaster reverted her to Lex’s sister and the New 52/DC Rebirth Lena grew to become a villain who fought the brand new Superwoman. She additionally appeared in CW’s Supergirl sequence as a primary villain.

8/10 Star Sapphire Began A Legacy Of Lanterns

The primary Star Sapphire battled Alan Scott, the unique Inexperienced Lantern. At first, she was a queen from the seventh Dimension, however that was retconned later to attach her to the Zamarons. Within the Silver Age, Carol Ferris would turn out to be Star Sapphire, influenced by the Zamarons to battle her boyfriend Hal Jordan to show males are inferior to girls.

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There have been a number of different Star Sapphires after Carol. Finally, the Zamarons created the Star Sapphire Corps utilizing the violet vitality of affection within the Struggle of Gentle. Carol grew to become a heroic Star Sapphire, working with Hal to assist shield the universe from the evil Lantern Corps.

7/10 Psycho-Pirate II Grew to become A Huge Deal In DC’s Multiverse

Charles Halstead was the primary Psycho-Pirate, battling the Justice Society with crimes meant to play on feelings. In jail, he’d be taught of the existence of the Medusa Masks which allowed their bearer to regulate feelings. He handed this data on to Roger Hayden who escaped jail, discovered the masks, melted them down to 1, and have become the second Psycho-Pirate.

The Earth-2 villain gave the impression to be small potatoes till he joined forces with the Anti-Monitor in Disaster On Infinite Earths. The Medusa Masks grew to become extra highly effective and after the occasion was capable of manifest beings from the previous multiverse. Since then, the master manipulator has a performed an enormous function within the varied Disaster occasions that plague the DC multiverse.

6/10 Clayface Has A Legacy In contrast to Any Different In Gotham Metropolis

Clayface has been a thorn in Batman’s facet for the reason that Golden Age. For the reason that villain’s debut in Detective Comics #40 by Invoice Finger, Bob Kane, and Jerry Robinson, there have been a number of villains who used his identify. In truth, Clayface is well amongst DC’s most prolific legacies with a minimum of eight totally different villains taking over the mantle through the years, with probably the most well-known being the second, Matt Hagen, who was immortalized in Batman: The Animated Sequence.

DC has some stacked legacies, however Clayface’s takes the cake. It is a particularly malleable mantle, which is becoming for a villain who’s often a shapeshifter. Every Clayface introduced one thing distinctive to the desk, retaining the mantle recent.

5/10 The Mist II Took Up Her Father’s Battle In opposition to The Knight Household

The Mist started his supervillain profession battling the primary Starman, Ted Knight. His powers had been fairly self-explanatory, permitting him to show right into a mist type. He ultimately had a daughter, Nash, who inherited his powers and hatred of the Knights. She killed David Knight, in addition to Superb Man II, Crimson Fox, and Blue Satan, and battled Jack Knight when he took over for his useless brother.

After assaulting Jack, she obtained pregnant along with his little one, which modified their relationship. She avoided killing Jack and even sacrificed herself to save lots of her son within the story that closed out Starman, ending a highlight of 90s DC in grand trend.

4/10 The Cheetah III Hates Marvel Lady

The primary Cheetah was Priscilla Wealthy, a girl who dressed as a cheetah to commit crimes and combat Marvel Lady. The second was Deborah Domaine who battled Marvel Lady within the Bronze Age. Barbara Minerva is the post-Disaster Cheetah, a former good friend of Marvel Lady who gained superpowers and have become a perennial enemy of the Amazonian hero.

Domaine’s existence was retconned post-Disaster in order that she was Minerva utilizing an alias. The third Cheetah has joined the Legion of Doom, her grudge with Marvel Lady seeing her do something she will be able to to destroy her foe. She’s simply Marvel Lady’s most recognizable villain, as a lot for her superior look as anything.

3/10 Scandal Savage Is As Harmful As Vandal

Vandal Savage has been battling the Justice Society since his debut in Inexperienced Lantern #10 by Alfred Bester and Martin Nodell. He branched out because the years went on, preventing the Justice League and each A-list hero who opposed him. His daughter, Scandal, adopted in his footsteps to an extent. She’s a fierce and clever villain, one who upheld her father’s legacy in her personal approach.

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In contrast to many legacy villains, Scandal hates her father. Working with Mockingbird, she introduced collectively the Secret Six and battled the Justice Society. Staying with the group, she grew to become their chief, commanding them by a number of bloody conflicts, even battling her Vandal Savage at instances.

2/10 Icicle II Is Cooler Than The Authentic

The primary Icicle battled the Justice Society along with his ice gun. In some way, the gun modified his DNA, so when his son Cameron was born, the boy had ice powers. After Icicle’s dying, Cameron grew to become Icicle II, becoming a member of up with the Injustice Society and battling the JSA. His ice powers made him a lethal opponent, and he grew to become the chief of the Injustice Society.

With the return of the Justice Society to comics, he is one of many villains followers need to see. His appearances in JSA and JSA Labeled confirmed simply how nice a villain he could possibly be. Even with a moderately unimposing identify, he is turn out to be a top-tier villain.

1/10 Reverse-Flash Is A Legacy Villain In A Roundabout Approach

Reverse-Flash has a deadly pedigree and a legacy of evil speedsters, however he is additionally technically a legacy villain himself. Whereas there was no Reverse-Flash battling Jay Garrick, there was Rival. Rival was an evil speedster who wore a distinct coloured model of Garrick’s costume. This was clearly the inspiration for Reverse-Flash who later reversed Barry Allen’s costume.

Each characters had been created by author John Broome and artist Carmine Infantino. Reverse-Flash would go on to turn out to be a a lot larger cope with than Rival, difficult the complete Flash Household and changing into probably the most well-known Flash villain.

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