Whole Battle: Warhammer 3 – All Wooden Elves Models, Ranked

To begin off your Total War: Warhammer 3 marketing campaign in one of the simplest ways potential, you must know that the Wooden Elves have three forms of items: Elves, Treemen, and Monsters. They every have their perks, however the mixture of Elven troops and Treemen is a killer combo.

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One other side concerning the Wooden Elves is that they’re the one Elven faction with a greater than respectable cavalry. In comparison with their counterparts, they’re on an entire different stage. Trivia reality earlier than you go on your Warhammer spree: the Wooden Elven Cavalry is deer mounted.


Treeman: The Wooden Elves have all kinds of creature items, however the Treeman is the strongest it has to supply. This single unit is a hard-hitting and highly effective, terror-inducing tree creature. The one draw back to it’s its numbers. It’s a one-man band, so if you wish to use it at its finest, have it go in with high-count items.


Nice Stag Knights: One factor the Wooden Elves do higher than their not-so-distant mild and darkish family is cavalry. The Nice Stag Knights are the perfect instance of this. The wonderful cost bonus and armor-piercing weaponry, make them an awesome shocker troop. Don’t preserve them within the fray, although, as they’re solely 32 and may get overpowered.

Waywatchers: One other highly effective side of the Wooden Elves, that comes with out saying, is their missile items. The Waywatchers are probably probably the most elite archer unit in your entire sport. We’re speaking armor-piercing arrows, 190 vary, Grasp Ambusher, Hawkish Precision. They aren’t half dangerous in melee, both.


Zoats: The Zoats are one other sort of monster unit that gives nice assist to your foremost military. With their base spells that don’t use winds of magic factors, they are going to provide help to whenever you’re in a decent spot. They’re additionally respectable siege attackers and a strong front-line unit to deploy.

Glade Riders (Spears): Extra good cavalry coming from the Wooden Elves, the spear-equipped glade riders are the right flanking unit. They’re outfitted with a defend and are very quick. Don’t be fooled by the low armor stats.

Wild Riders: Thought of by many to be an OP Tier II unit, the Wild Riders have been recognized to take out complete swarms of enemies. Between their Frenzy mode and nice shock unit statistics, you’ll need them by your aspect.

Wild Riders (Shields): The shielded Wild Riders are nice to deploy in case your enemy has a missile-heavy military deployed. The shields will cowl your cavalry from the volley. And as soon as they get to these pesky archers, they’ll take them down.

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Sisters Of Thorn: A really specific sort of unit, the Sisters of Thorn are a Magical Cavalry unit that makes use of spell-casting to debuff enemies. Don’t neglect about utilizing Defend of Thorns to mirror the harm dealt to you by an enemy melee fighter.

Wardancers: Elves are the principle cause everybody has gone by way of a twin weapon part, and Wardancers are the epitome of that idea. With their bodily resistance, dodge skill, and cost, they’re your finest associates in relation to flanking.

Wardacers (Asrai Spears): Certain, we’re all concerning the twin sword, however whenever you’re about to struggle off some massive monsters and cavalry, you’ll have to take the Asrai Spears to the battlefield.

Wildwood Rangers: There’s one thing about Elves combating within the woods that feels excellent, and the Wildwood Rangers are finest used to take down massive beasts within the forest. However don’t fear with in addition they take down a great deal of infantry with their glaives out within the open.

Bladesingers: If you happen to’re up towards an infantry-centric military, the Bladesingers are going that will help you out lots. Their magical assaults and infantry bonuses are astounding.

Glade Guards (Starfire Shafts): Glade Guards often have a foul repute, however the Starfire Shafts model can pack a punch. They begin off with a 170 vary, and that may be buffed in the long term. They do each magic and hearth harm. Definitely worth the improve.

Forest Dragon: You can’t say it’s a Warhammer game with out a dragon, and the Wooden Elves wanted a dragon to suit their model. In comes the Forest Dragon. With each poison and magic assaults, these beasts must be in your ultimate Elven military.

Deepwood Scouts: These grasp ambushers are going to present you a lot pleasure if that’s your play model. With a 180 vary, and the flexibility to fireside whereas shifting, and conceal whereas working, there isn’t any method they’ll get by enemy troops.

Deepwood Scouts (Swiftshire Shards): A fairly enjoyable improve to our earlier entry. Swiftshire Shards are magic objects that grant these Deepwood Scouts the flexibility to shoot two arrows at a time and deal magic harm.


Glade Riders (Hagbane Suggestions): We’re all about good missile cavalry, however in relation to particular items just like the Hagbane Tip-equipped Glade Riders, we’re excited to see them in motion. That is a particularly quick unit that offers poison harm to your foes, preserve them on the prepared.

Glade Riders: Weapons don’t must be toxic to be cool, and whenever you convey within the expertise of the Glade Riders, you recognize you gained’t be lacking out. A skirmishing unit you’ll bear in mind to recruit when it’s time to go to battle.

Everlasting Guard (Shields): Just about the principle line of protection towards your archer-hungry enemies. That is in all probability the front-line unit to recruit. They aren’t nice at taking down any attackers, however they will maintain a line for so long as you want them to.

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Nice Eagle: The Nice Eagle is a creature unit that may come in useful whenever you’re making an attempt to take out enemy archers. It’s hard-hitting and a tremendous flanking unit to maintain amid your troopers.

Dryads: The primary treeman unit you’ll have the ability to recruit, the Dryads are like small Ents. A very good companion to maintain within the entrance traces early on within the sport, however the principle downfall comes when put up towards armored items. Your Dryads often gained’t stand an opportunity.

Tree Kin: You possibly can pepper your line of Dryads with their larger family: the Tree Kin. Compiled of 16 troops per unit, they’ve nice protection stats. So pop them in that entrance line and have your archers pepper your enemies.


Everlasting Guard: When you play with the shielded model of the Everlasting Guard, you’ll perceive why this unit isn’t price your time. With none offensive energy, you’re higher off ready until you possibly can equip them with shields, or they are going to die and runoff.

Glade Guards: A good missile infantry that isn’t too loopy. In comparison with the remainder of the Wooden Elves missile items you possibly can choose from, the Glade Guard simply doesn’t lower it.

Glade Guards (Hagbane Suggestions): Poison does make your missile items higher, however as a result of the bottom stats aren’t as much as par with the remainder, it is higher if you happen to allow them to relaxation within the barracks.

Hawk Riders: The principle reliability subject that comes with the Hawk Riders is that after they get into fight with different flying items, they die in a short time. An excellent companion towards cavalry, however that’s just about it.

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