xQc admits joke about sniffing Pokimane’s chair was “sort of f**ked” – Dexerto

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Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has admitted that joking about sniffing fellow streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys’ chair was “sort of f**ked” and “fairly bizarre,” advising viewers to not imitate his actions.

In late September, a clip went viral of xQc leaning ahead after being egged on by his chat, and pretending to smell Pokimane’s chair via his digital camera.

This got here shortly after xQc called out sexual harassment on Twitch, which many on-line mentioned was hypocritical.

Earlier than lengthy, Pokimane herself had seen the clip, and was clearly not a huge fan of it, trying disgusted and saying “ew” earlier than letting out fun.

Now, a number of days later, xQc has admitted that it may not have been the most effective thought.

“I appeared off-stream on the sniffing chair joke… Guys, I take it again,” he mentioned. “That was sort of f**ked. It was fairly bizarre. I used to be on no sleep. I’m not going to deceive you chat, it was fairly bizarre. Don’t emulate that habits, chat. It was sort of bizarre.

“It was nice, [but] probably not. Not likely. I do know her sort of effectively, and it sort of passes, it’s me, however I get it’s a joke, however individuals watching don’t, they need to emulate that sort of habits. Don’t f**king do this.”

For sure, xQc clearly regrets doing what he did, involved in regards to the impact it might have on viewers considering that that sort of habits is appropriate.

Whereas a few of his chat could have discovered it humorous within the second, they shouldn’t count on moments like that to occur too usually.

All through current weeks, xQc additionally misplaced his spot on the prime of the Twitch charts, as Kai Cenat reached the incredible 100,000 subscriber milestone, making him the #1 most-subscribed English streamer on Twitch presently, and by a long way.

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