Is It Secure To Take Mucinex Whereas Breastfeeding? An Skilled Explains The Dangers

It may be exhausting to remain on high of the listing of medications to avoid while pregnant. There are such a lot of, and there may be usually conflicting data floating round on the market. What about when you’re not pregnant, although? Can you’re taking medication for a chilly or headache while you’re nursing? We all know that after you’re not pregnant, it’s OK to as soon as once more get pleasure from sushi or a glass of wine. In case you are nursing your child although, it’s vital to consider how drugs may be handed by your breast milk to your baby. Many drugs are permitted for nursing moms. What about in case you get a foul chilly or chest congestion, although? Some drugs that dry up mucous may dry up your breast milk. Mucinex — or the generic model, guaifenesin — is a typical decongestant. However, is it secure to take Mucinex whereas breastfeeding?

Can you’re taking Mucinex whereas breastfeeding?

Mucinex is a generally used over-the-counter drug, particularly throughout chilly and flu season. It’s additionally a useful remedy to deal with the signs of Covid. Whereas Mucinex has not been particularly studied in nursing moms, it might be unlikely to trigger hurt in infants older than two months says Dr. Betsey Marks, a pediatrician and internist in Albany, New York. Nevertheless, you need to all the time seek the advice of together with your well being care supplier earlier than deciding to take drugs whereas breastfeeding, for recommendation about secure dosages and potential interactions.

How a lot Mucinex can you’re taking?

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The overall dosage for Mucinex — or the generic drug guaifenesin — is between 200 mg and 400 mg each 4 hours. There are additionally extended-release variations of this remedy, that are metered out to your physique over time. The dosage of every pill is greater for these — 600 mg to 1200 mg. Mucinex needs to be taken with a full glass of water every time potential. This helps to loosen the mucous and likewise prevents dehydration from a drug designed to dry up bodily fluids.

Is Mucinex secure for the infant?

Sure, Mucinex is usually thought of secure for infants to obtain by breast milk. Nevertheless, Marks urges dad and mom to be cautious of different chilly medicines with a excessive alcohol content material — comparable to NyQuil (which may be 25% alcohol — the equal of fifty proof liquor). As a result of it’s alcohol-free, Mucinex could also be a better option than many different chilly and flu drugs in case you’re breastfeeding.

What are the dangers of Mucinex whereas nursing?

There isn’t a identified particular threat with customary Mucinex, however Marks does warning nursing individuals to watch out of Mucinex-D. The “D” stands for decongestant, and because the decongestant (on this case, it’s pseudoephedrine) is working to dry up extra mucous, it may additionally dry up your breast milk. It’s greatest to stay with fundamental Mucinex in your chilly.


Dr. Betsy Marks, M.D., pediatrician and internist in Albany, New York

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