Overwatch 2 tier listing: One of the best heroes to play with

WITH Overwatch 2’s launch comes a laundry listing of adjustments to every particular person hero, in addition to the overarching meta of the sport itself. 

Groups at the moment are made of 5 heroes as a substitute of six, which means you’ll have one tank much less in your group. 


Overwatch 2 shakes up the foundations, making some heroes extra engaging to choose than othersCredit score: Blizzard

Injury dealing heroes received an enormous profit, gaining briefly elevated reload and motion pace after eliminating somebody. 

Tanks are fewer in every match, which implies grouping up for shields and safety is much less more likely to occur.

All of this ends in what some are predicting — teamfights will turn out to be much less essential, and dueling/skirmishes will turn out to be extra essential.

Be sure to learn that rigorously — much less essential doesn’t equal unimportant

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That being stated, we’ve ready a tier listing of heroes, bearing in mind their capability to duel, dismantle, or in any other case disrupt opponents.

Bear in mind, none of us are skilled gamers — metas are fluid and can shift over time as gamers coalesce round methods that work for them. 

These are basic picks designed that can assist you get a stable footing in Overwatch 2, however particular person play will all the time shine over what a tier listing on the web says.

Additionally, the brand new heroes aren’t on this listing, so for those who’re on the lookout for Sojourn, Kiriko or Junker Queen, you’re out of luck. 

They gained’t be unlocked for aggressive play for a number of weeks after launch in any case, so that you shouldn’t fear about them for now.

However, Sojourn is trying to be a high decide based mostly on the beta construct we performed.

With that stated, let’s dive into our tier listing for Overwatch 2.

S Rank

  • Injury: Genji, Soldier: 76, Ashe
  • Tank: Zarya, Doomfist, D.Va
  • Help: Lucio, Ana, Baptiste

Genji and Soldier: 76 are no-brainers. Genji hasn’t been modified in any respect, and Soldier received some extraordinarily minor nerfs, however each acquired an enormous profit from the brand new DPS passive. 

Ashe additionally is comparatively unchanged, however with the group measurement discount, Ashe is ready to put excessive stress with B.O.B. and Dynamite protection.

Zarya has all the time been the premiere duelist tank, along with her capability to take in injury and switch it into bonus injury, so Zarya mains can relaxation simple. 

Doomfist can be a great duelist decide, being a way more cellular, and barely much less sturdy, possibility, however his injury has decreased considerably since he not has an uppercut possibility. 

Doomfist's overall damage has decreased


Doomfist’s total injury has decreasedCredit score: Blizzard

D.Va received a a lot stronger Protection Matrix capability, and her injury output is roughly the identical as nicely.

On the assist facet, this new duelist fashion of play goes to reward these which might be passive healers probably the most, and Lucio is the strongest passive healer within the sport — however take into account that all healers get passive therapeutic now. 

Ana nonetheless supplies snapshot therapeutic and injury at an extended vary, however now that she has the passive therapeutic buff, she doesn’t must waste grenade on herself for heals. 

Baptiste has had no notable adjustments since OW1 apart from a lift to his lively therapeutic capability, which signifies that Immortality Subject remains to be a unbelievable software.

A Rank

  • Injury: Widowmaker, Sombra, Hanzo. Bastion
  • Tank: Sigma, Orisa, Winston
  • Help: Brigitte, Zenyatta, Mercy

Widowmaker is totally unchanged save for one factor — a well being improve. 

That signifies that for those who mained Widowmaker, you’ll nonetheless take pleasure in related ranges of success in Overwatch 2. 

Sombra’s largest change is her capability to hack whereas stealthed (however doing so offers away your place) so we are able to anticipate to see some massive performs from Sombra gamers sooner or later. 

Hanzo took a success to his Storm Arrow injury, however in any other case is just about unchanged. 

Bastion is mainly a completely new hero — their major hearth is decreased in hearth charge however elevated in injury, their type shift will not be everlasting however has mobility.

Bastion’s final turns them right into a mortar, permitting them to land as much as three mortar strikes from very distant.

Sigma and Winston are just about unchanged, however Orisa received a whole package redesign. 

Orisa’s alt hearth is now a spear throw, and as a substitute of a defend Orisa will get a spear twirl, which nonetheless absorbs injury, but in addition damages enemies as nicely. 

Orisa has received quite a few changes making her a more aggressive pick


Orisa has acquired fairly a couple of adjustments making her a extra aggressive decideCredit score: Blizzard

Her new final permits her to suck in enemies round her — the longer she sustains it, the extra injury it does.

Brigitte and Zenyatta are just about unchanged, though Zenyatta will get a brand new kick that really shoves opponents round!

Mercy can be principally unchanged, though they as soon as once more messed along with her tremendous leap. 

Mercy’s passive therapeutic buff is stronger than the opposite assist heroes, so take that into consideration as nicely.

B Rank — Everybody Else

  • Injury: Cassidy, Echo, Pharah, Mei, Reaper, Symmetra, Junkrat, Torbjorn
  • Tank: Wrecking Ball, Reinhardt, Roadhog
  • Help: Moira

All of those heroes both acquired extraordinarily minor adjustments or have been nerfed in some capability. 

The most important adjustments for these heroes embrace Cassidy’s new grenade, which is not a stun bomb however as a substitute a in search of grenade. 

Reinhardt now has an elevated capability to steer his cost assault in addition to gaining a second alt-fire cost, and Roadhog has the flexibility to pause his final when firing.

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That’s our tier listing! Understand that that is based mostly on a beta construct that we had entry to, and future updates (and meta from high gamers) will possible alter this listing fully sooner or later. 

Better of luck, heroes.

Written by Junior Miyai on behalf of GLHF.

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