What The Joker Actually Desires From Batman

The Joker has had a protracted and damaging relationship with Batman, however readers lastly be taught the explanation why Joker won’t ever cease antagonizing Bruce.

The Joker is considered one of Batman’s best enemies and one of many evilest villains in comedian books, however he is not often given a concrete cause for the issues he places Batman by. Joker did finally admit to what he really desires to Batman although, and it is essentially the most good cause he may have.

Batman and Joker’s historical past has been lengthy and brutal, they have been preventing one another in comics for nearly 80 years at this level. Nevertheless, throughout this time, Joker’s actual cause for desirous to torture Batman wasn’t actually elaborated on all that a lot. Some folks assume Joker desires to kill Batman and destroy Gotham, some folks assume Joker desires Batman to kill him in an effort to break Batman’s one rule. However the precise fact of what the Joker desires is only a bit extra sophisticated. Regardless of Joker’s focus on killing Robin, he would not really wish to push Batman to the restrict, he desires the precise reverse.


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After a number of a long time of preventing in opposition to the Joker, Batman lastly asks him what he really desires from him in The Batman Who Laughs #4 by Scott Snyder and Jock. Joker’s reply is stunning in how sincere it’s, Batman questions him, “You need me to win?” Then, Joker responds in full honesty, probably for the primary time in his life, “I need neither of us to win, ever.” Joker makes it clear that the one factor that offers Joker’s life meaning is his battle against Batman. However, the concept Joker desires to struggle Batman without end is not new. In Christopher Nolan’s The Darkish Knight, Joker overtly says “I believe you and I are destined to do that without end.” Whereas the concept itself is not essentially new, this is likely one of the first occasions in comics that Joker has overtly admitted his hopes to Batman.

How Batman Reacts to Joker’s Creepy Request

Batman appears to take the information really fairly nicely as he helps Joker arise and refers to him as a good friend (however his politeness may very well be a results of the huge quantities of Joker toxin at present pumping by Bruce’s veins). Joker admits that every one he is ever needed was to remain close to Batman and proceed interacting with him. The truth is, Scott Snyder’s whole run on Batman targeted closely on the concept of Batman and Joker being engaged in a twisted model of friendship.

Why Joker Cannot Exist With out Batman

The one time Joker did feel like he succeeded in killing Batman, he instantly hung up his clown make-up and tried to create a brand new life for himself with out the Joker identification as seen in Batman: Going Sane by J.M. DeMatteis and Joe Staton. It has been confirmed that with out Batman Joker cannot exist. Who would Joker be with out his nemesis? How would he spend his days if he wasn’t busy making an attempt to determine how you can antagonize Batman? Joker relishes in his ongoing struggle in opposition to Batman as a result of it provides his life objective, which is why Joker desires his battle with Batman to by no means finish.

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