6 Greatest T’au Empire Mannequin Kits For Warhammer 40,000

With their smooth designs and superior know-how, the T’au Empire are one of the crucial distinctive playable factions in Warhammer 40,000. Gamers who like excessive mobility, versatility, and long-range firepower will discover the T’au to be an ideal match. The military’s giant Battlesuits and flying automobiles additionally make them a really perfect selection for collectors to placed on show!

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If you happen to’re getting began with the T’au Empire, or cannot determine which fashions to purchase subsequent, strive one in all these staple kits. They are not solely among the most iconic figures within the faction, however they’re nice on the tabletop as effectively!


New-in-box Warhammer fashions are unpainted and require meeting.

Hearth Warriors

The usual infantry of the T’au Empire are consummate professionals, educated from beginning to combat for the Better Good. Almost each T’au assortment has a minimum of one squad of Hearth Warriors, and most will find yourself with a number of. The package has sufficient selection that every soldier can maintain a singular pose, giving your military a dynamic look.

Every Hearth Warriors field comprises sufficient parts to construct ten troopers, outfitted both as a Strike Staff with long-range pulse rifles or as a Breacher Staff suited to close-quarters assaults. No matter configuration, the package additionally consists of components to construct as much as three drones which may be deployed alongside the Hearth Warriors!

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T’au Commander

Each military wants a frontrunner, and a T’au Commander makes an ideal option to spearhead your assortment! Piloting a state-of-the-art Battlesuit, a T’au Commander boasts an unimaginable array of weaponry that makes them a match for whole enemy squads! This mannequin may be deployed by itself, or with an elite bodyguard of XV-8 Disaster Fits (bought individually) to maximise their firepower and sturdiness.

This package comprises sufficient components to construct one T’au Commander, piloting both an XV-85 Enforcer that is excellent for preventing alongside a Disaster Staff, or an XV-86 Coldstar that lets the Commander fly solo across the battlefield at dizzying speeds! Whichever Battlesuit you select to construct, the package features a huge array of armament, ornament, and pose choices, in addition to a single drone that may be in-built three completely different configurations as effectively.

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Hammerhead Gunship

Often outfitted with a mighty railgun, this hover-tank is one of the crucial feared weapons within the 40K galaxy. Maneuverable and well-armored, it has the power to destroy enemy tanks in a single shot from huge distances! The Hammerhead additionally has a number of secondary armaments to guard it from enemy infantry courageous or silly sufficient to strategy.

Every package comprises sufficient components to construct one T’au gunship. Whereas most gamers assemble the package as a Hammerhead Gunship, it will also be constructed as a Sky Ray Missile Defence car good for taking pictures down enemy plane. Not like most Warhammer miniatures, Hammerheads and Sky Rays have a number of transferring components, together with the engines and turrets, letting you arrange dramatic scenes on the battlefield.

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XV88 Broadside Battlesuit

The heavy infantry of the T’au Empire, Broadside Battlesuits are outfitted with weapons usually reserved for tanks. The result’s a lethal mixture, as Broadsides could make use of canopy together with their superior armor to carry their firepower the place automobiles could not usually go. Even a single Broadside can flip the tide of battle, and a full crew of three is sufficient to take and maintain a vital place with ease.

Every package comprises sufficient components to construct one Broadside Battlesuit, which may be outfitted with a rail rifle or high-yield missile pods. It additionally consists of one Protect Drone and one Missile Drone to accompany the pilot into battle.

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XV104 Riptide Battlesuit

Towering over the opposite T’au forces, the Riptide is certain to be the satisfaction of any participant’s assortment. Its huge measurement and clean armor plating give hobbyists the possibility to totally use their creativeness when portray the mannequin, and it makes use of ball-and-socket joints so that you could set the pose nonetheless you want. The Riptide may be modeled both standing at its full top or kneeling to line up the proper shot.

This package comprises sufficient components to construct one Riptide Battlesuit, with quite a few weapon, ornament, and pose choices. It additionally consists of the components for two Shielded Missile Drones which may be deployed alongside the principle determine.

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Commander Shadowsun

If you need your military to be led by a legend of the T’au Empire, look no additional than O’Shaserra – often known as Commander Shadowsun to her troops. Held up because the undisputed grasp of T’au battlefield ways, Shadowsun has earned her popularity repeatedly. Her customized XV22 Battlesuit boasts extra weaponry than most tanks, and a tactical cloaking system as well!

This package lets gamers assemble and paint Commander Shadowsun in a dynamic pose, perched atop a ruined monument of the T’au’s enemies, the Imperium of Man. It additionally comes with Shadowsun’s distinctive drone companions, the MV37 Superior Guardian Drone and the MV62 Command-Hyperlink Drone.

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