Brit spooks create secret Minority Report-style unit to root out traitors

BRITAIN’S spymasters have created a secret Minority Report-style analysis unit to root out traitors working for Russia and China.

The unit, staffed by forensic psychologists, will determine brokers planted contained in the UK’s intelligence companies by hostile states.


The brand new tech is much like the science seen in Minority Report, the place Tom Cruise may see crimes earlier than they occurredCredit score: Other20th Century Fox

The transfer follows repeated makes an attempt by Russia and China to infiltrate MI5 and MI6, sources stated.

Within the Tom Cruise sci-fi blockbuster Minority Report, police use psychics to determine and arrest offenders earlier than crimes are literally dedicated.

The forensic psychologists within the new unit, to be primarily based at MI5’s HQ subsequent to the Thames, will try and do one thing related, figuring out spies prone to turning into double brokers.

They may search for indicators of adjusting behaviour, similar to becoming a member of radical discussion groups on-line or finishing up dry runs for an assault.

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Particulars of the unit have been revealed in an advert on MI5’s web site, which desires specialists for the “utility of psychology to inner safety.”

Colonel Phil Ingram, a former navy intelligence officer stated: “They may assist spies defend our secrets and techniques.”

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