Who’s Overwatch 2’s Kiriko — age, talents, lore

Kiriko is the newest hero in Overwatch 2, assist guided by her fox spirit. There was an abundance of speculation about a “Fox Girl” coming to Overwatch 2 over the previous yr, making the hype surrounding Kiriko’s reveal fairly substantial. Blizzard has launched a number of movies to have fun her arrival revealing the hero’s backstory and lore. Here’s what we find out about Kiriko thus far.

Who’s Kiriko?

Kiriko Kamori is named the Protector of Kanezaka. She is a ninja with therapeutic talents, protected by her kitsune spirit.

Kiriko is a assist hero in Overwatch 2. She fights extra from the backlines, therapeutic allies and damaging enemies. Together with her potential Swift Step, Kiriko can teleport allies immediately. Kiriko’s final permits her to extend her staff’s motion, assault, and reload velocity.

Try Kiriko’s talents in Overwatch 2 here.

The place is Kiriko from?

Kiriko was born in Kanezaka the place each her grandmother and mom raised her. Her household has been watching over town for generations, identified for his or her sword-fighting abilities. Her father was a weapons creator, whereas the Shimada clan recruited her mom to coach others, together with Genji and Hanzo. Kiriko usually skilled alongside them.

Kiriko was particularly near her grandmother. She would educate Kiriko tips on how to are inclined to the Fox Shrine and even summon the Fox Spirit.

At seven, Kiriko noticed the Shimada clan fall. The Hashimoto clan took over, terrorizing town. Kiriko’s household shut down Yamagami Blades and moved to the higher stage of the constructing they resided in.

After Kiriko grew older, she began to combat towards the Hashimoto clan. That is when she put collectively a gaggle of youngsters to defeat the Hashimoto clan on the Finish of the Summer season Pageant. They positioned a cargo of weapons and had been initially going to destroy them with fireworks, burning down the constructing. However Kiriko stated they shouldn’t use violence.

How previous is Kiriko?

Kirko is 23 years previous.

She returned to Kanezaka when she was 20 to take a stand towards the Hashimoto clan and has since grow to be town’s protector.

Kiriko has a younger spirit, identified for being quirky, humorous, and a little bit of a prankster. Regardless of the horror that her metropolis confronted, Kiriko was in a position to stay cheeky and playful. She has youthful power however can also be clever and strong-willed. Kiriko will be cussed and all the time needs to combat for the individuals she loves.

Who’s Kiriko from Overwatch 2 voiced by?

Sally Amaki voices Kiriko. Sally Amaki is a singer and voice actress primarily based in Tokyo, Japan. She is a member of the idol group 22/7, the place she usually seems as an animated character, Sakura Fujima.

Amaki was born in Los Angeles after her mother and father moved there from Japan. However Amaki moved again to Tokyo to pursue voice appearing. She has appeared in a handful of tv reveals, however Kiriko is her first substantial online game position.

Amaki can communicate Japanese and English, making her an amazing alternative for Kiriko’s dynamic, playful voice strains.

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