Ant-Man Secretly Has the Energy to Take Down a Marvel God

Whereas Ant-Man is among the founding Avengers who’s equal components mighty and sensible, many followers could not know that he additionally has the power to take down a literal god–and he can accomplish that by merely doing what he does finest: weaponizing ants.

Hank Pym aka Ant-Man is among the unique superheroes to make up the Avengers after springing into motion when Loki got here to Earth in a failed try to overcome the planet. Whereas Ant-Man’s first battle towards a god was profitable, he wasn’t notably vital, particularly when contemplating the combined efforts of Thor and Hulk as they appeared to take the lead on this specific battle. Nevertheless, when Pym’s buddy and Avengers ally, Hawkeye, discovered himself on the ropes towards a god-tier warrior, solely he might save the archer’s life with the collective energy of his military of ants.


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In Avengers #50 by Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, and John Buscema, Hawkeye is getting attacked by a Titan named Typhon–an enemy whose energy rivals that of Zeus. Typhon was launching a one-man conflict towards the complete world after he despatched Hercules and all of the gods of Olympus to a hellish realm generally known as the Land of Shade. Even with out Hercules (who had been part of the Avengers for the previous few points), the Avengers–which consisted of Hawkeye, Ant-Man, and the Wasp–heroically put their lives on the road to avoid wasting the world from this god-tier menace. As Typhon was launching strike after strike towards humanity, the Avengers assault, and Hawkeye finds himself proper within the villain’s crosshairs. Clearly, Hawkeye didn’t stand an opportunity, however simply as Typhon was about to ship the killing blow, Ant-Man telepathically orders the ants within the space to tunnel beneath Typhon’s ft, inflicting the villain to fall by the Earth–giving the Avengers time to retrieve Hawkeye and make their tactical retreat.

Typhon Isn’t the Solely Marvel ‘God’ Ant-Man has Defeated

Whereas Ant-Man taking down Typhon is an unbelievably spectacular feat, it wouldn’t be his final time taking down a Marvel ‘god’. In Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 by Donny Cates and Dylan Burnett, Galactus has come to a distant planet with the intention of consuming it, and it’s as much as Cable to cease him. With the intention to try this, Cable time-slides to the future the place Hank Pym developed a tool that may shrink something–together with Galactus. So, when Cable returns to the current, he shoots Galactus with Pym’s shrink ray and makes the cosmic being the scale of an insect earlier than sticking him within the barrel of his gun and taking pictures Galactus into area.

Although Galactus was technically overwhelmed by Cable, the time-sliding mutant soldier wouldn’t have been in a position to win if it weren’t for Ant-Man’s tech. Ant-Man’s win over Galactus is spectacular to make sure, however it nonetheless doesn’t maintain a candle to his victory over Typhon. Throughout that battle, Pym wasn’t in a position to simply use a shrink ray or some other piece of comparable know-how, however as a substitute relied solely on the ants he has full psychological management over. Whereas most followers know Ant-Man is ready to manipulate the actions of ants, this subject exhibits that this seemingly trivial skill has the facility to fairly actually take down a Titan–proving that Ant-Man has the would possibly to defeat a Marvel ‘god’.

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