Let society converse up in opposition to drug abuse and trafficking


The opposite day a video clip had gone viral on social media whereby some Kashmiri youth have been seen injecting some substances into their veins. The social media was flooded with reactions – offended, upset, disturbing and of all types. Police recognized the youth and ensured that they get admitted in drug de-addiction centre. Police motion is commendable and was hailed by all however reality of the matter is that drug abuse and drug trafficking has emerged as a largest problem in Kashmir.  Police in J&Ok has been seizing homegrown charas and fuki moreover heroin and different lethal medication nearly commonly and that’s the indication how wide-spread the trafficking and the abuse is. It goes with out saying that when a spot is used as a path to smuggle medication, the folks of that place, significantly the youths by no means stay untouched by the menace and that’s the reason we now have been witnessing rising variety of drug addicts right here.

In these columns, the menace of drug abuse and drug trafficking has been mentioned umpteenth occasions, even to the extent of sounding repetitive, however the disaster within the society is so severe that it wants this repetitiveness. It’s passable to notice that the federal government is engaged on the difficulty severely and JK Police too has been working tirelessly to take care of the difficulty. It’s due to these efforts that massive portions of contraband medication are being seized nearly daily.

Although so much is being written and mentioned in regards to the situation and the involved authorities businesses try their finest to assist the addicts to beat the menace and begin their lives afresh, the menace continues to develop in measurement with each passing day. Truth of the matter is that drug trafficking and abuse can’t be dealt solely with official equipment, few social group and medical doctors alone. It wants a robust and collective response from the citizenry. Individuals want to grasp that those that develop bhang of their agricultural farms and people who pump in heroine and brown sugar into Kashmir are the worst enemies of Kashmiris. They could be incomes cash whereas doing so however that cash is being earned at the price of the well being and lives of Kashmiri youth. It’s excessive time that folks get up to this catastrophe in making and combat the battle in opposition to drug trafficking. Spiritual leaders, significantly the Imams of Masjids can play an important position in combating this battle. Each Friday, the Imams lead congregational prayers and provides sermons about varied points. Individuals hearken to them, respect them and their phrase has an influence. Let these Imams speak in regards to the menace throughout these sermons. Allow them to make folks conscious in regards to the disastrous end result of the menace. The mohalla and village elders too must play their position. As accountable residents they need to control their respective areas and in the event that they discover somebody concerned in such crimes, they need to take assist from legislation imposing businesses to cease the crime. Kashmir’s civil society too must get up and make the speak of narcotics a part of public discourse.  The battle has to begin from each family.

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