The Obtain: dangerous AI, and a deadlier monkeypox variant

+ What does GPT-3 “know” about me? Massive language fashions are skilled on troves of non-public information hoovered from the web. However how a lot does it truly learn about us? Read the full story.

+ Google’s new AI can hear a snippet of a tune—after which carry on enjoying. The method, referred to as AudioLM, generates naturalistic sounds with out the necessity for human annotation. Read the full story.

The must-reads

I’ve combed the web to search out you immediately’s most enjoyable/necessary/scary/fascinating tales about know-how.

1 A extra harmful monkeypox variant might go international
Scientists fear the deadlier Clade I variant might unfold past the Democratic Republic of Congo. (New Scientist $)
+ Greater than 26,000 individuals within the US contracted monkeypox this 12 months. (WP $)

2 Ladies are smuggling abortion capsules into the US from Mexico
They’re risking jail time and vital fines to assist terminate pregnancies in post-Roe states. (New Yorker $)
+ The place to get abortion capsules and the right way to use them. (MIT Technology Review)

3 Why psychological well being discourse on social media is so insufferable
Whereas web prognosis is useful for some, others have leaned too far into self-pathologizing. (Vox)

4 Iranian celebrities are galvanizing protestors on-line
Warnings from the nation’s safety officers have fallen on deaf ears. (FT $)

5 Bitcoin mining has soared to file ranges
You may thank The Merge. (Bloomberg $)
+ Crypto mining is especially scorching in Africa proper now. (CoinDesk)
+ A pair mistakenly refunded $10.5 million by are in courtroom. (The Guardian)

6 WhatsApp spam is uncontrolled in India
Customers are left always blocking a stream of spam. (Rest of World)
+ The individuals utilizing humor to troll their spam texts. (MIT Technology Review)

7 Black holes might assist clarify how the universe started
If a brand new quantum gravity principle pays dividends, that’s. (NYT $)
+ That is the primary picture of the black gap on the middle of our galaxy. (MIT Technology Review)

8 We must always take note of flooding myths 
Geo-legends train us how our ancestors handled the local weather. (The Atlantic $)
+ Pakistan’s flood survivors try to rebuild. (New Yorker $)
+ Lethal spores might unfold to new areas through wildfire smoke. (Wired $)

9 The surprisingly controversial historical past of the microprocessor
Inventor Ted Hoff didn’t patent the invention—a call he got here to remorse. (IEEE Spectrum)

10 Jellyfish may be tasty
There are lots of them, too. However good luck convincing individuals to eat them. (Hakai Magazine)
+ A battery made out of seaweed might pave the best way to greener vitality storage. (New Scientist $)

Quote of the day

“There’s a particular person whose title is a scent preventing an organization whose title reminds certainly one of birds—Dickens would simply love that.”

—Stephen Gillers, a regulation professor at New York College, tells the Wall Street Journal why literary followers are so invested in Elon Musk and Twitter’s authorized scuffle.

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