Why does Embroidery Thread Break Simply? – Digital Journal

1. The standard of the thread itself (if essential, folks can add thread oil or wax till the velocity is decreased)

2. The threading is irregular or the wind blows on to the thread stand, inflicting the embroidery thread to change into tangled

3. The spool is inclined or the road has too many knots

4. Gold and silver wires are tangled and result in disconnection

5. The needle is reversed or inclined (if essential, a brand new needle could be changed)

6. Needle glue (wipe off glue stains with oiled material)

7. Irregular thread stress

8. The stitches with too dense stitches or quick dryness of 0.5mm

9. Utilizing the flawed needle that’s too small

10. Don’t use organ NY needles or Groz needles when embroidering thick supplies

11. The velocity of the machine is simply too quick, and it’s not adjusted in line with the traits of the embroidery materials

12. When doing appliqué embroidery, the rotary hook or the encrypted oiling cycle ought to be cleaned irregularly

13. The embroidery materials is simply too thick and too exhausting, add thread oil or wax if essential

The appropriate twist is flawed

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